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Telluride Avalanche Dogs Meet the Team


Gary Richard


President:  Erik Larsen

Vice President:  Erik Aura

Secretary:  Andy Bagnall

Treasurer:  Kim Richard

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letter from the director

Welcome to the newly, launched Telluride Avalanche Dog website.

Since 2014 we’ve worked to do three things: 


  • Provide a funding stream for the hard working and highly trained rescue teams which provide 365 day coverage for emergencies in and around the Telluride region. 


  • Award scholarships to graduating seniors [link to gallery of photos of recent recipients]

  • Getting our avalanche dogs in front of local & regional students to offer skier safety educating and teach calculated decision making when recreating in and around our mountains. 


We are able to carry out our mission and offer these services thanks to support from the community. And that support has never been more vital! 


Many of our surrounding counties, although in the mountains, donʼt have the resources or equipment necessary to respond to  avalanche rescue, missing persons, night searches and technical rescues. 


Our rescue dogs and their human companions work closely with the San Miguel Sheriffʼs Dept in all types of situations like these. Good nutrition and health care is essential to their work. 


Today, the cost of pet food and medical care can be outrageous. Many people canʼt afford medical care for themselves, let alone their pets! This is a national problem. Animal shelters are bursting at the seams with pets that people canʼt afford to feed or care for. Many people canʼt afford the minimal care of vaccinations and immunizations.


Thatʼs where you come in. 


As the Executive Director of Telluride Avalanche Dogs, I can assure you that your donation will be carefully invested in the future of animal care and education in and around the Telluride Valley. 


We hope to see you on the Telluride Ski Resort this winter and around town throughout the year. Be sure to say hi to these wonderful animals, they appreciate your support!


Gary Richard

Executive Director

Telluride Avalanche Dogs

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